Stockholm revisited two

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Daylight suddenly started to flood our suite on our second day in Stockholm and as I looked to my left Kay was still asleep and naked all bar her suspenders and tan nylons after our hot night with Damien, the scent of hot sex still filled the room and Kay’s pussy was still glistening in the light with pussy juice. banner2 Daylight suddenly started to flood our suite on our second day in Stockholm and as I looked to my left Kay was still asleep and naked all bar her suspenders and tan nylons after our hot night with Damien, the scent of hot sex still filled the room and Kay’s pussy was still glistening in the light with pussy juice.

Getting out of bed quietly for the bathroom I could not help but glance back at Kay and admire her beauty and sexuality just lying there having fulfilled one of my fantasies of seeing her taken by a huge thick cock, freshened up and shaved I went back into the bedroom to see Kay sitting up in bed not covered up but still simply naked apart from the suspenders and tan nylons as I left her.

Good morning Vernon Kay said a little sheepishly, you ok and is everything alright? Yes Kay why wouldn’t it be or are you perhaps regretting last night now? Not regretting it Vernon she said but I am just surprised how our supposedly private evening led to me having sex with someone new in front of you and just how I kept wanting more and how hot and utterly erotic and satisfying the whole thing was for me, but what about you Vernon? I know you have your own fantasies involving me and that the one involving me being taken by a huge cock has now been satisfied and it was amazing but did I disappoint you by actually going through with it.

How could you ever disappoint me, our sex was so hot last night and having Damien film it and (holding the disc up) we have one hell of a memory to take home so why would I regret it. Look at you, just lying there like that and not ashamed of just how hot you look gets my cock twitching. Kay asked what our plans for the day were and I said whatever she wanted as we did not fly home for another 36 hours, Kay said I should just get back to bed as she needed to feel my cock in her again and she was still horny for more sex. Laying besides Kay she took my hand and placed it between her legs with hers resting on top of my hand and started to move our hands up and down her pussy, Kay put more pressure on my hand when I slipped a couple of fingers in her opening making her sigh.

Kays other hand was now massaging her breasts and pulling gently on her nipples when she released her hand from between her legs and started to gently stroke my cock, slipping another couple of fingers in Kay’s pussy she slowly started to pull my foreskin back and forth in time to me pushing my fingers in and out of now wet pussy. This continued for some time when kay said we should spice things up a little and turned the television on, she went straight to the porn channel options and selected a new movie entitled “Milfs on vacation” and pressed play. As the movie started to play Kay said I should get between her legs and start eating her pussy which I did while she watched the action, parting her lips with my hands kay grunted as I worked my tongue on her clit in a lapping motion and then darting it in her opening.

Kay’s pussy still smelt of the volumes of sperm left in her by Damien the night before and she was becoming wetter and wetter with each and every stroke, as I now focused all my attention on her clit, licking and nibbling and sucking Kay was breathing heavier and had both hands squeezing her breasts and nipples. Kay then without notice came hard on my tongue and her legs clasped the side of head like a vice and held me there for ages while her orgasm started to subside, having released her grip Kay pulled me up off her pussy and got on all fours facing the TV and told me to slide in her just like the scene playing out on the screen facing us. As I mounted Kay the screen action became really hot with a 40 something blond being pounded by a well chiselled young stud, Kay said I should try and match every stroke of the TV action with my own pounding of her pussy.

As things got really going in the movie and I had now managed to keep pace with the movie, I then felt Kay slump a little to one side and one of Kay’s hands slip between her legs and start rubbing her clit but also running over my balls as I banged her, Kay was really going hard on her clit when the stud in the movie withdrew his cock and blew his load over the blonds backside with cum running between her ass cheeks down to her pussy. This had hit a nerve with Kay when she again orgasmed but rather than stay still she released my cock from her pussy and turned and took my throbbing cock in her mouth and deep throated me, I was helpless as she just keep tugging me and slurping on my cock when I told her I was going to come and she just did not stop till I blew my hot and sticky load in her mouth.

Wow said kay, we should wake up like this more mornings and perhaps we should also get a huge TV for at home at the end of our bed - why not if it makes you this bloody hot I replied.

As it was now nearly 10.00 am I said to Kay that perhaps we should get showered and have some breakfast and can decide what to do for the rest of the day, Kay said why not just get room service and we could get ready at our leisure and she then stood and removed her nylons and suspender belt and dropped them to the floor. As I picked up the phone to call room service kay said she would get showered and clear her head as she still felt a little dazed by what had gone on, ok Kay I said and duly ordered some room service which they said would take about 15 minutes.

As kay shouted from the bathroom that she was nearly done there was a knock on the door and a voice “room service”, opening the door our breakfast was brought into the room and put on the table by the patio windows, thank you I said and the chap who brought it in said “oh there was a letter in your Pidgeon hole” so I brought up for you sir and he handed it to me. Strange I thought but again thanked him and as he was leaving and I am sure he took a snide look at Kay drying her body off in the bathroom as he left, Kay emerged from the bathroom in just a towel when I said there was a letter left for us and she asked who knew we were there? I said it could have been from my client as he was the only one who I had told where we staying and duly opened it.

Opening the plain envelope and taking the note out Kay said well! As I unfolded the note it read as follows- Hi Kay and Vernon, thank you both for such an awesome evening last night and that Kay has recovered and not regretting acting on impulse. You have a truly amazing wife Vernon and you are both such a natural couple together, Kay was one of the most sensuous women I have met in years and had the pleasure to make love to. It was also such a pleasure to watch you both in action and be able to film you both there in person and later on also being able to feel Kay’s pussy wrapped around my own cock. Again, to both of you thank you. By the way and as a PS, if you are both at a loose end later today and looking for something different then I would like to personally invite you to the casting sessions I am holding late this afternoon/early evening at the address below so you can see in person what I was trying to describe my business involves. Damien.

Kay and I just looked at each and without saying a word sat down for some breakfast, kay said can I read it again and took the note from me. Kay was openly blushing while she read the note when she asked me what I thought about Damien’s offer. I put the question back to Kay and said it was definitely something different to shopping and I would let her make the decision, Kay took another slurp of orange juice when she looked at me and said why not Vernon as no harm can come of it and it could be interesting if you know what I mean. Ok Kay if you are happy seeing Damien again in the flesh as they say then let’s take him up on the offer, I will let him know via text as he has put his mobile number under the address in case we accepted and we cannot find it. Breakfast finished kay could not decide what to wear for our outing but opted for a black lingerie set and the other pair of sheer tan nylons, a knee length skirt and cream blouse, as Kay got ready I said we could have a look around the city and a late lunch and then head to the address Damien had given us.

As both of us were now ready we headed out and found a great place for lunch overlooking the harbour, it was a great place to just sit and people watch while we enjoyed a great lunch and few drinks. Kay looked stunning and I could not help but notice that her blouse was slightly see through in the sunlight and her black bra formed a silhouette behind the cream fabric. As we finished our late lunch we suddenly realised the time and as it was already 16.00 I decided we should get a taxi to meet up with Damien and see what he was all about, paying the bill I asked the restaurant if they could arrange the taxi and showed them the address we wanted to go to. No problem was the reply and they said the taxi would be with us in 5 minutes and that the address was about 15 minutes away depending on traffic, as we waited I asked Kay if she was still cool with seeing Damien again to which she replied yep no problem Vernon but I may get a bit embarrassed when I first see him given what went on last night.

I told Kay that she had nothing to be embarrassed about and that it was not like we were meeting up for him to again fuck her, Kay gave me a little nudge and told me not to be so naughty when the taxi pulled up. As we got into the taxi I showed the driver the address and he said no problem it is a nice area of Stockholm with some very expensive properties, sitting in the taxi Kay said she wondered what type of place Damien held these auditions and hoped it was not seedy given what was happening, who knows I said to Kay but we will soon find out when the driver said we were nearly there. As we stopped the driver pointed to a large yellow house and told us this was our destination, having payed the driver we walked up the front door and rang the bell. As the door opened we were greeted by a tall young blond woman who said her name was Tanja and then said “ah you must be Kay and Vernon” Damien has been expecting you but he is busy upstairs at the moment but I will tell him you are both here but go and help yourselves to drinks and pointed to the room directly in front of us. Kay and I helped ourselves to drinks and sat down, scanning the room it was large and really luxurious with beautiful furniture and a mix of seating arranged to take in the views through large double doors looking to a garden area. Hi guys said Damien as he came in the room, we both stood and greeted him and said how lovely the place was when he shook my hand and gave Kay a kiss on the cheek.

Damien said he was glad we took him up on his offer as he was unsure if we would, Damien then explained that he had already done some auditions but still had three guys and four women left today and that they were upstairs getting to know each other before the actual auditions started. Let me give you the guided tour so you know your way around said Damien as he took Kay’s hand, as Damien took us around he explained that he rented the property for a week each time he came over from the USA and that he only took it over this morning which is why he was at our hotel last night and that this house was perfect for what he needed. As we got to the first floor there were three very large bedrooms which all had queen size beds and one had a large lounge area off it which is where we met those waiting to be auditioned.

They were all just sitting and chatting as if they were old friends rather than what they were actually there for, there was Tanja who we had already met, a brunette who told us her name was Sasha and looked about 18, then Rupert who looked like a rugby player, Carl who was about six foot 5 inches tall and black, Jasmin who had an amazing tan and very long legs, next was Giovanni who was very much the Italian stud and confident and finally was Anja who was also blond and had the most amazing breasts squeezed into a tight fitting jumper.

Damien then took us up to the second floor that was just a huge open plan room consisting of a bed that looked like it would sleep four, a wet room to the left that was that was glass walled and open to the room and two very large sofas. The room was obviously where the auditions would be held as there was professional lighting and cameras set up covering most of the room, Damien said he had to go and talk with guys and girls and start getting them ready for the auditions so for us to pop back downstairs and help ourselves to some more drinks and he will let us know when he is ready for us to come back up – bye the way he said if you two sit on that large sofa “pointing to one near the window” you are out of shot but close to the action.

As Kay and I went back down for more drinks and sat back down, Kay said that it was all now very real and felt a little apprehensive about watching the auditions in such close proximity. I agreed with Kay but said it would be just like watching porn on the huge TV we had in our suite but with real people just feet away, I know said Kay but it still feels weird that this is what Damien does for living and having to decide if someone will actually make a porn star or not.

Having topped up both our glasses Damien came in and explained that those auditioning had been given a brief on what he wanted to see from them all, who would work with who and how he wanted things to develop over the next hour or so and that they could all would follow his direction if needed. Looking to Kay Damien said he hoped she now got a better idea of what he did and this is just how he got into the business all those years ago. Kay looked at Damien and said that she understood but still found the whole thing a little clinical, Damien said he could see her point but just as he had to audition those wanting to get into the industry have to start somewhere and this was it-now today. 

As Damien finished talking Tanja walked into the room dressed in the most awesome see through red Basque that pushed her breasts fully against the fabric and black stockings, Damien she said- everybody is now ready and knows what they are to do and with who so I will see you upstairs. Ok said Damien and looking to Kay said why don’t you both bring your glasses and the bottle of wine up as things could get hot and let’s see how they do if your still up for it. Kay just picked up the bottle of wine, looked at me and said ok Damien we will follow you.

Getting to the room, the lighting was now on and fully lit both the bed and wet room, Tanja was now lying on the bed and besides her was Rupert who was already down to his boxers. Take a seat you two Damien said and let’s see how they do, as he said this he set both cameras to record and told Rupert and Tanja that it was now over to them and –action. Things started as you would expect in this situation with the normal pre warm up to what was to come, some kissing and playing with each other and the two of them getting into the their roles. Rupert now had Tanja’s breasts out and was sucking hard on her nipples and Tanja had her hand in his boxers playing with his cock, Damien moved behind one of the cameras and told Rupert to get his cock out and let Tanja start sucking him while he fingered her. While Rupert was built like a rugby player his cock was I suppose a little above average and I would guess about seven or eight inches in length and average girth, as the action started to hot up between them Damien was giving more direction and told Rupert to slide himself into Tanja’s pussy but slowly so he could get the best camera position (just as he had done with Kay and myself the night before) and then over the next 15 minutes he had the pair of them in various positions when he asked Sasha to join them.

Kay just looked at me a shuffled a lot on the sofa when Sasha proceeded to get between Tanja’s legs and start licking her pussy and Rupert’s cock while he ploughed Tanja, Sasha now had her ass and shaven pussy facing straight at myself and Kay when Sasha placed her hand between her legs started to finger fuck herself. Kay looked mesmerised at the scene in front of us and all so close when Damien directed Rupert to take his cock out of Tanja and lay on the bed which he did, he then told Sasha to start licking his cock and taking him in her mouth and Tanja should start finger fucking Sasha from beneath her and start to suck her clit. This was now getting really hot and as the action continued at a pace I was more than aware of my own erection building and had to shift my position on the sofa to try and hide it.

Tanja’s breathing was now becoming faster and she was obviously near to an orgasm when Damien directed Rupert to get behind Sasha and mount her and Tanja lay beneath both of them so she could lick his balls and cock while Sasha gave Tanja’s pussy her tongue, bloody hell things were so hot and after about 5 more minutes of steamy action Rupert said he was close to coming so Damien told both Tanja and Sasha to kneel either side of Rupert, face the camera he was operating and both lick and suck Rupert hard. Now given where kay and I were sat we had a great side on view of the action when Rupert could obviously take no more and started spraying his cum over both Sasha’s and Tanja’s faces and mouths and running off their chins.

Ok said Damien, great work you three now get freshened up and go back down and ask the others to come up. Damien looked at both of us and said well! Do you think they will make the grade? Neither Kay nor I knew how to answer this one when Damien interjected and asked Kay if she found it a turn on and did it give me a hard on, what I thought-should I own up and say I did. Kay was first to answer and virtually in a whisper relied that it was in fact a turn on and being the one watching and so close made it very different to watching porn on a TV, over to you Vernon said Damien - did you get a stiffy? Alright I replied yes it did get me hard and it was not as staged as I thought it would be. Good Damien replied as this is what our business is all about and getting people turned on otherwise we are wasting our time, should I top your glasses us Damien asked?

We both said yes and as Damien topped our glasses up to near full and sat down next to Kay when the other prospective porn stars came into the room, Jasmin wore a white baby doll that just about covered her ass and obvious G string, Anja was in a red crutch less full body stocking and my god were her tits just huge and her nipples were like coat hooks, next was Giovanni who just had a pair of loose fitting boxers on and then in walked Carl. Carl simply had a white towel round his waist and he had muscles where I never thought muscles could be and as he moved further into the room you could see the head of his cock just dangling below the edge of the towel, I noticed Damien whisper something into Kay’s ear and her say no way-Kay then whispered to me that Damien had said that Carl once fully erect was a good 12 inches and really thick.

I looked over to Damien as if to say was this true and he just nodded, Damien got up and spoke to them and said that if they were ready they knew what was expected and to carry on. As Damien said action Jasmin and Anja moved to the bed, Anja laid on her back and spread her legs wide open and her totally bald pussy was suddenly facing both Kay and I when Jasmin did no more than sit right over Anja’s mouth leaving about a two inch gap and again facing us. Both guys were still hovering in the background when the girls got going, Anja reached up and pulled Jasmin’s G string to one side and started darting her tongue in and out of her pussy when Giovanni appeared from one side with a large pink dildo and a tube of lube in his hands and joined the girls on the bed. Giovanni’s head was facing us as he lay on the bed and smeared a large amount of lube on the dildo, easing Anja’s legs a little further apart Giovanni started pushing the dildo in her shaven bald pussy a little at a time while she continued lapping at Jasmin’s pussy.

Giovanni continued working Anja’s pussy with long gentle strokes when Damien said ok that worked now go to the next scene we have planned, Carl now entered the scene still wearing his towel but obviously getting aroused by the tent he was sporting. The two girls were now on all fours and looking straight at both kay and me when Giovanni dropped his boxers to the floor and displayed his manhood for the first time, while he was about 6 or 7 inches in length his girth was big and he could just about get his own hand round it. Kay grasped my leg and just kept looking at him when he got on the bed and started to push himself into Anja, she gasped a little and from where we were sitting she was clearly enjoying the feel of his cock enter her. Giovanni placed his left hand on Anja’s back for support and continued to ease himself ever deeper into her pussy, while working himself into Anja he used his free hand to start finger fucking Jasmin.

Jasmin was really enjoying this and started to push back hard on his fingers as he sped up his attention to her pussy, she was getting louder and louder when Anja told Giovanni to work her pussy hard and he started to slide that thick chunk of cock in and out with ever increasing force. It was then that Jasmin just erupted with an orgasm and told Giovanni that she also needed cock. Giovanni withdrew himself from Anja and just slammed his cock into Jasmin’s pussy making her scream; he now had two pussies at his disposal and proceeded to alternate between fucking Anja and Jasmin.

Damien moved from behind the camera and walked back and again sat down next to Kay, again he said something in her ear which made her fidget on the sofa and proceeded to fill our glasses yet again. I whispered in Kay’s ear and asked what did he say? Kay just said it was a filthy comment and not to worry and carried on watching the action. Then it happened-Giovanni had not got the staying power he obviously thought he had and just shot his load all over Jasmin’s ass and pussy and said fuck it! Looking towards us and Damien he said he did not know what happened and it was not like him to not be able to just keep going, Damien said ok it can happen to the best off and not to get uptight about it and go and shower to cool down.

As Giovanni was leaving Damien looked over to Carl who had been watching everything and said it was time for him to step in and see what he could do and pick up where Giovanni left off, moving towards the bed Carl dropped his towel to the floor when kay gasped but tried to hide this by taking a long sip of her wine. Now I could see why she reacted to the sight of Carl, standing there completely naked his cock was to put it mildly un-real-at least 12 inches long and it was nearly as thick as Kay’s arm. This was one impressive cock and made me personally feel very insecure with my own 7 inch cock, again I noticed Damien talking in Kay’s ear and then her clearly blush and grasp my leg even tighter.

Damien told the girls to stay as they were on their all fours and that Carl would take over, Carl was holding his monster when he got up behind the girls. Carl reached round and freed Jasmin’s tits from the baby doll and tweaked one her nipples making her flinch, he then proceeded to push one of his thumbs up each of their pussies and work them in unison. Anja was obviously enjoying this and freed her own beautiful breasts which just flopped out of the cat suit and she started to rub them one at a time, Jasmin picked up the tube of lube that was till laying on the bed and told Carl she wanted to feel him first and handed the lube to him.

Both Anja and Jasmin were now lying next to each other as Carl started to lube their pussies with gentle but firm strokes, he then placed what looked like half a tubes worth of lube in his hands and started to work it to the entire length of his huge black cock. As he was doing this Kay had firmed her grip on my leg then I noticed Damien had placed one of his own hands on Kay’s skirt and was gently rubbing the area around the top of her nylons. Kay spotted that I had seen this and moved her own hand to the top of my thigh which made me jump; Kay was clearly getting heated when Carl moved over Jasmin and started to rub his cock up and down her pussy opening with slow and considered movement.

Carl then did the same to Anja when she reached between her own legs and took hold of Carls cock; Anja worked Carl up and down her slit with one hand and with the other hand she started to play with Jasmin’s pussy. Both Jasmin and Anja were really into this when Anja let out a massive sigh and we could then see that Carl had pushed passed Anja’s opening and got his giant cock head into her opening. She was frozen, her legs were stiff and she was physically shaking from being penetrated. Jasmin now took the lead and started to suck avidly on Anja’s breasts while Carl started to work himself deeper and deeper into Anja, slow short strokes but drawing back each time to let her pussy accommodate his girth and length.

Kay from her position could clearly see every stroke of Carls huge cock working away on Anja’s pussy and how her pussy lips would be drawn and cling to his girth, Kay’s hand now suddenly slowly started rubbing the bulge in my trousers which is when I spotted that Damien had has his hand clearly between Kay’s legs and the tops her nylons were on show and he was openly working her pussy with his fingers.

As Kay momentarily looked away from the action, she leaned over and said how bloody hot her pussy was and she was leaking pussy juice all over Damien’s fingers but she could not help herself. I just looked back her and told her to enjoy watching Carl and placed my left hand over her breast through the silky fabric of her blouse, Kay went back to watching Carl working his magic on Anja when I noticed she was discreetly pushing back on each of Damien’s finger thrusts and then placed her own hand on top of my hand and held it firm to her breast.

Carl was now balls deep in Anja and thrusting hard in and out of her pussy while Jasmine continued to suck Anja’s breasts and play with her nipples while with one hand finger she fucked her own pussy to the same rhythm, Carl picked up his pace and Anja’s pussy was gushing pussy juice with every thrust when he grabbed her legs and pulled them onto his shoulders. Anja just shouted at him, fuck me harder, for fucks sake just don’t stop when her entire body went into an orgasmic spasm and she flooded the bed with such force and her juices went everywhere.

Carl however was not done and having pulled out of Anja and left her gaping pussy on full display, he then pulled Jasmines legs wide apart and just sunk his cock straight in and without mercy. Jasmine shrieked either with pain or pleasure but he was in, he was working hard and furious and destroying her pussy opening with every long full stoke of that best between his legs, as Jasmine started to pull Carl into her and making sure every inch of that 12 inch cock hit the spot Kay let her hand slip from my hand on her breast and she had her own legs splayed wide and Damien had four fingers in her pussy and she was now rubbing her own clit while still watching Carl.

Carl pulled out of Jasmine with the sound of wetness and juice covering his cock length and moved her so her shoulders were resting on the floor and tits facing us, he then knelt over her from on the bed and started to feed her his length, they were now less than two feet from Kay, myself and Damien as he pushed more and more of his impressive tool in her. Carl was good and we were so close you could even see the bulging veins running the entire length of his black cock and the noise coming from Jasmines pussy was unrealistically wet.

Jasmine then burst into a massive squirting orgasm which is when I notice Kay spread her legs wide and grab Damien’s hand and pull it hard against her own pussy and made him work her harder with his four fingers, obviously close to coming Carl had sensed that Kay was also close to her own orgasm and did no more than stand in front of Kay and wrap her hand round his cock. Kay just stared at the monster in her hand and started to work him furiously with long strokes and then licking the head of his cock. Damien then knelt between Kay’s legs and parted her wide and then pulled her panties down to her ankles and thrust her slit with his tongue, Kay then wrapped Carl’s cock head with her lips and he started to buck and it was then that I saw his balls tighten and he unload his pent up cum in her mouth which started to dribble from her chin onto her blouse, this was all Kay needed to take her over the edge and pinned Damien’s head against her pussy and came all over his face.

Looking at Kay I said did you enjoy that? On Vernon I am so sorry I just got carried away with what was going on and I left you out completely which I am really sorry for but I will make it up to you back at the hotel. Kay stood and just picked her panties up and put them in her bag, straightened herself and asked Damien if he could arrange a taxi for us as it was time we got back to the suite and perhaps have a quiet dinner in our room. Damien said it was no problem and called for a taxi, as we waited Damien asked Kay if she enjoyed herself and was he honest about his description of Carl, oh my god Damien said Kay he was even bigger than you told me and I thought you were really big.

Yes Kay he will make a good candidate and I am sure he will be in big demand once his audition is made available, I think he really got you going and I could see how you were lusting after his cock and it was a shame you never got to try him as I am sure he would make you toes curl if he fucked you. What do you think Vernon, I have to agree Damien as she could not take her eyes of him fucking Tanja and Jasmine and totally forgot I was there but she has promised to make it up to me later. You make sure she does Vernon said Damien because I think she now needs a good slow fuck, if you need help just give me a call he laughed but I think I may now not be the right colour if you know what I mean.

Stop it Damien Kay said when our taxi pulled up outside, just as we were about to leave Carl came down the stairs and gave Kay and peck on the cheek and said hope to see you soon Kay and you have a hell of woman there Vernon.

Getting in the taxi Kay scooted close to me and held my hand tight, what has come over me Vernon as I am just so hot and wanting sex all the time? I was fine back there till Damien started to rub my leg and I just became so wet sitting watching I needed to release the aching between my legs, yes Kay it was bloody hot and Jesus was Carl hung - oh yeah he was Vernon and I thought Damien was big.

Back at the hotel we went straight to our suite and Kay said she was going to have a quick shower and change so why did I not get both of us a couple of large drinks as she would not be long, drinks poured and Kay emerged wearing the three quarter length fuchsia pink night dress she had shown me the day before. The see through V section to the front made her breasts look even bigger than her 36c size and when she turned the splits on both sides went all the way to her waist, come on Vernon Kay said you can lose your cloths now and come and lay next me.

Passing Kay her drink I got down to my shorts and lay next to her on the bed, shall we put a movie on Vernon Kay asked-yep why not Kay but you have seen the real deal today Kay and I thought you may be tired of all that action. I. May be Vernon but it is just us now and I promised to make it up to you, with that Kay got up and went to the wardrobe and pulled out that secretive bag number 4. Laying back down Kay started to open the bag and the first item out the bag was a very large tube of lube, I looked as if to say yeah when Kay took out a red tissue wrapped package and started unwrapping the mystery object.

Kay told me to look the other way for a second and then said ok you can look now, turning to face Kay she had a large 9 or 10inch flesh like dildo in her hand and just said I am aware of your fantasy about a big cock fucking me so got this yesterday for you to use on me without knowing what was going to happen last night. Having a large gulp of my drink Kay passed the lube to me as the movie started to play on the TV; she lay back on her elbows and then passed me the dildo and said that we should get our party started. Spreading Kay’s legs she was already wet and ready but I still popped the lid off the lube and placed a good size amount on the head of the dildo, kneeling in front of Kay with her legs wide open I started to ease the dildo forwards and into her pussy.

Kay laid right back now and as I worked to get the dildo flowing in and out of that beautiful pussy staring me in the face she said I could now go deeper and a little faster, after another five or six minutes I hit bottom with the dildo and Kay said for me to give her its full length and pull nearly out and keep repeating this. Again this I continued to do for another good ten minutes when Kay dropped her hands between her legs and onto her pussy and started jiggling with her clit them, now Vernon work it hard said Kay as she raised her ass a little and frantically rubbed her love button. That’s it Vernon harder and faster, Kay’s eyes were now shut and she again said harder Vernon just do me , do me hard and after me drilling her another 7 or 8 times with the full length of the dildo she had a huge wet orgasm.

Wow Vernon that was bloody great and I wish we had done this ages ago, removing the dildo slowly from Kay’s pussy it just looked so inviting and I just wanted to dive straight in when she said she was a little hungry and could I order some sandwiches or something as she still had a couple of things in the bag to show me. Food ordered I got us both another drink when there was a knock on the door and it was our food, I think the woman who pushed the trolley in may have been a little embarrassed as the TV still had the porn movie running when she looked over to Kay and said enjoy the rest of your evening and enjoy your food.

Oops I thought as the woman left but sat down next to Kay on the sofa while we ate some food and had more drinks, Kay slumped back on the sofa and her nightdress moved to one side so the slit down the side of her leg was open fully and I could catch a glimpse of her pussy. Do you like what see Vernon Kay asked, I always love seeing your body and you know it I said.

Kay stood up and said she needed the bathroom and that I should select another porn movie as she had got bored with the one showing and wanted to also freshen up a little, as she moved towards the bathroom she grabbed a flat packet out of the bag besides the bed and said she would not be too long and to make sure I knew where the lube was “oh yes I thought it’s time to get my cock in her pussy”.

Several minutes went bye and I had selected a new porn movie, this was titled “matures mean business “and pressed play. Kay then shouted from the bathroom and asked if I had found the lube and I said yep it was under your pillow, then emerging from the bathroom was Kay and oh my fucking hell - Jesus I said out loud you look and stumbled to find my words. Well Kay said I look what? Amazing, hot and a real fucking turn on was my response, good said Kay as this was bought especially for you and your passion for me to wear sexy cloths.

Kay moved closer to me and did a full 360 degree turn, Kay was so close I could smell her newly applied-perfume when I started to take it fully into to my perverted little brain. Kay was in a red fully transparent head to toe cat suit that had an open crotch, it had a scooped neck and was very body hugging and her breast were pulled tight to her body which accentuated their size. It was only after I calmed down a little I noticed Kay’s pussy was now fully shaven and the lips to her pussy were standing proud, Kay moved even closer and started to tease me and run her hand over my cock when I slipped a finger in her pussy. She was so smooth and already a little wet, Kay just stood there with her legs slightly apart letting me finger her when she said we should move to the bed.

Once on the bed Kay said she needed me hard and smeared a little lube on the head of my cock and worked me a little but told me to not get over excited, Kay was really taking things slow when she said she needed to get the last part of the surprise out of the bag. Rolling to her side she started to fumble around in the bag beside the bed which gave me a superb view of pussy framed by the sheer red fabric of the cat suit. Kay rolled backwards onto her back with a plain wrapped parcel in her hand, take it Vernon I got this for you-well us. What is it I asked, just open it Vernon she said.

Taking the paper off like a child at Christmas there was a plain box beneath which I opened, pulling at the plastic liner I was gob smacked when I was presented with what looked like an opaque dildo about 8 inches in length. Open it Kay urged, ok I said and started to take it out the protective packaging. Having now got it out the packaging it was very soft and floppy and warm to the touch when I asked Kay why she would want a floppy dildo, Vernon she said take a proper look as I got this for you so you can be my own big cock stranger whenever you want, looking harder it then became clear that this was a cock sleeve and had a loop to put my balls through.

Well said Kay do you want to be my big cock stranger? Well yes I answered but I never thought you would buy something like this. I know Vernon but when I was out shopping yesterday there were a lot of sex shops and I just had to go and look which is when I got all the items in my special bag, I am glad you did Kay as that cat suit looks awesome on you and holding the cock sleeve up said that this could be fun.

Kay then got the lube back out and smeared another dollop on my cock and started to gently rub me, now rock hard Kay took the cock sleeve out of my hand and showed me that it was reversible and had ribs on one surface and was smooth as a babies bum on the other. Kay left the sleeve so the heavy ribs were on the outside and squirted some lube on the inside, come closer Vernon as I want to put this on your hard cock said Kay. Facing Kay she started to pull the cock sleeve over my hard on and continued until it was full on, pulling my balls through the loop at the base Kay asked how did it feel and was it comfortable.

As I looked down my cock now looked huge and as I put my hand round my cock I could barely join my fingers together around the new added girth, looking at Kay I said I felt like a different man when Kay said that although she had been fucked by Damien and his 10 inch cock she only wanted me to be her big cock stranger and you can live out your fantasy with me anytime you want.

With that Kay rubbed a large amount of lube on my new big cock and told me to lay on top of her and start easing myself into her pussy as she needed to be fucked, it felt strange as I held my new big cock and moved towards her opening when she opened her legs wide. Her pussy was framed by the open crutch cat suit and it was like having her pussy as a target to aim at, placing the head of my cock on Kay’s opening I started to ease myself in when she asked me to put more lube on.

Giving my cock a another smothering of lube I went back to getting my cock in Kay’s pussy, going slow and holding my cock I started to put more pressure on Kay’s opening when I suddenly gained full access making Kay tense a little and sigh. As I put a little more pressure on Kay’s pussy I could feel the cock sleeve on the head of my cock tighten, it was a strange and an unfamiliar feeling but not unpleasant. Kay moved her legs further apart and I eased more of my new big cock further into her hot wet pussy, after several more minutes and gradually getting deeper into Kay’s pussy she placed her hands on my ass and pulled me fully in to her and she let out a huge sigh and just held me there.

Oh Vernon Kay said you are so big and so thick my pussy fills full and I love it that you are my own big cock lover , kissing Kay she asked me to now work her pussy and start to sliding in and out slowly. Raising slightly I started to slide in and out of Kay’s lubed pussy when she pulled the top of the cat suit down exposing her breasts, Kay just looked me in the eyes and started playing with her breasts and said she is now use to my new cock and I can now work her pussy however I wanted. Picking up my pace a little I could now feel the loop round my balls tighten with each stroke as it clung to Kay’s pussy walls, Kay’s breathing was erratic and heavy now as I really started work myself in and out of her pussy with an occasional deep thrust.

Kay asked if we could change position and I take her from behind so I could go balls deep, changing position and sliding my throbbing new big cock into Kay she started to push herself back hard to meet my every thrust which made the loop around my balls really tug when I pulled backwards. Come on big boy fuck me harder said Kay and I started to really work her pussy hard and slamming my cock in her pussy as hard as I could while grasping her thighs, oh my god big boy that’s it that’s what I want just wreck my pussy. Kay was really enjoying it and I must say the feeling I had as my new huge cock clung to her pussy walls with every thrust was getting me close to blowing my load.

I was now starting to sweat and as I worked on Kay’s pussy she moved so her breasts were now resting on the bed and one of her hands was furiously rubbing her clit, I could feel her hand on her clit and she then started to rub my balls and then go back to her clit. Kay said she was close to having an orgasm and to just go as deep as I could and stay still, I could feel her pussy tighten and her fingers rubbing her clit hard when she pushed hard against me and she just started to come. Her pussy was gripping my cock like a vice as she shuddered with her orgasm and said oh shit Vernon do me hard as I am going to come again, it was now my turn to take pleasure from her pussy so I just threw her onto her back and continued to pound her.

Kay was playing with one of her breasts while her other hand was again on her clit, I could feel my own orgasm building and told Kay I was close when she said ok big boy let me have your spunk, fuck me like a whore and make me cum again. With a few more heavy thrusts I could feel my balls tightening and told Kay I was virtually there and she just said do it , let me feel your throbbing cock pulse with spunk in my pussy. There was no returning now and just started to let go with pulse after pulse of my hot sperm filling the cock sleeve, oh god Vernon kay said I can feel your every spurt, push harder and as I did she gave her clit one more hard rub and she just held me tight in that warm wet pussy when she came hard and I could feel her hard contractions all round my cock.

Looking at each as we laid still with me still embedded in her warm pussy, Kay looked at me with a satisfied glazed look and just said thank you Vernon I will never need anyone but you as that was just what any woman could want for in a lover, friend and especially a husband. Still having a semi hard on I started to withdraw my cock from Kay’s pussy when Kay said that I should take the sleeve off as she wanted to taste me and clean my cock with her mouth, I could not believe just how much sperm was in the sleeve as I took it off when Kay grasped my cock and just slowly sucked me clean.

Kay looked at me and just said I love you so much Vernon and maybe I should come on more trips with you as this was such fun and I just have no idea why I was constantly wanting you to fuck me, I just said that perhaps is was that we were away from home and in new surroundings. That’s probably it Vernon Kay said and I think in the future we should now start to explore each other’s fantasies as this was more than I hoped for and we then just cuddled and fell asleep.
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