Sex with my Naughty Step-Mom part 2. The maid joins us.

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I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and she sucked lightly back and forth. Slowly she became more forceful as she sucked my cock all the way to the base, gagging a few times but continuing to suck until I was deep in her throat. Her face touching the base of my pelvis, her nose buried in my pubes with her eyes looking at me proud and wanting. Lesbian

The guys were over to watch the game. Beers, pizza and guy food were in plenty.

Dad, as usual, had gone on one of his business trips leaving the house to me and my sexy step Mom. Of course the servants were there as well.  It was a few months since he’d been away so I hadn’t had my fix of Buffy for a while - and I craved her.

I started having her when I caught her fucking her sweet pussy during phone sex with Dad (aka Mr Mason). That in itself was fine but her calling some guy in to come over and finish her off was just not on. Not in my domain anyway.

I would watch her do her yoga from afar. Peering thought the door to his study. Mr Mason just sitting on his chair, staring out the window or talking on his phone. Taking no interest in his exotic flower that paraded in front of him.

Although I had spent almost three weeks fucking each and every one of her holes relentlessly. When Mr Mason was home and she was his.

But he had left this morning - away for another three weeks.

And I intend to make the most of it.

Ava was one of the new housemaids; she was an Italian girl 22 and very beautiful. Her hair was long shining black in colour, her eyes dark brown, so dark when she looked at you; you felt it in your core. Her eyelashes long were always plumped up by makeup. He lips were always covered in the wet look lipstick which always grabbed my attention.

Like all 22-year-olds she was firm and dam right sexy. Not a stick figure by any means but her curves even in her maid uniform shone through.

“Mr Mason is there anything else I can do for you tonight?” she asked with a smile.

“No Ava we have all we need.” I said. My mind was screaming ‘Yes, get your gear off and kneel before me!’

But Dad’s words also rang out. “Don’t fuck the staff James, they are beneath you, if you need action then find some or hire some but don’t fuck the staff.”

The resentment at hearing his voice had built up inside me again, I hated Dad controlling me and telling me what to and not to do. ‘How dare he!’ I thought. He was going to miss my 20th birthday on Monday. And now he’s telling me what’s right and wrong!

The game finished and Blake and Justin headed home. Rusty was pretty drunk and crashed on the lounge. I decided to leave him there and tossed a blanket over him.

Walking out on balcony, the moon and stars were blazing in the heavens dusting the night with light.

I sat on our round outside chair - it was more like a bed. The mattress was and soft spread out covering all the way to the edges of the bamboo frame. A white sheet perfectly fitted hugged the mattress which one of Dad’s previous trophy wives had had specially made. Big fluffy cushions covered one end - too many to use - but great to lie with.

The alcohol had settled in and I was lightly spinning as the stars shone above me. I lay back on the seat looking at the sky as if the universe could clear my head of my anger of being left alone again.

As I laid there the familiar sound off Buffy’s moans broke through the noise of the crickets.

 Sitting up I saw Buffy in her room through the window. She looked naked from what I could see from this angle but I could only see her top half. She was writhing around in pleasure.

Did she not learn from the last time Mr Mason went away? This was my domain and no one was coming in from the outside to fuck her.

I jumped to my feet and rushed to her window. I could see her hands were holding someone’s head -black hair was all I could make out between her legs.

“Aaaaaaaggggg fuuccckk yesss you do it better than anyone, anyone ever!” Buffy’s moans and words rang out.

‘That’s it!’ I thought. ‘No-one fucks my step Mom under this roof except me and Dad.’

Anger rose in me – I’d told her not under our roof with outsiders. As I paced up the hall that led to her room each step I took made me angrier then the last.  Turning the knob I burst into the room.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I TELL YOU!” I screamed as I rushed into the room.

“Oh fuck James; it’s you I, I….” she stammered. She jumped up off the bed by accident or purpose pushing her lover to the ground next to the bed, so I couldn’t see him.

“WELL WHAT DID I TELL YOU SLUT?” I demanded again.

“Don’t fuck outsiders James. No outsiders in the house. But I didn’t… not really.” she pleaded.

“Well who the fuck is that hiding behind the bed?”

I walked over to see who it was prepared to grab him and toss him out of the house as he was. I reached the side of the bed and moved Buffy aside.

“Ava is that you?” I asked stunned.

She turned and looked at me her face red. Her body was naked and completely beautiful, her skin was light tan in colour and her breasts pert. Her nipples were brown in colour and cherry sized with a large areola that covered most of the front of her breast.

My cock sprung to attention and all the anger left me in an instant. I was consumed by this exotic beauty.

“Ava stand up, stop hiding. The secret is out.” I said firmly but very calmly.

I am sorry Mr Mason. Mrs Mason and I keep each other company when he’s out. I’m sorry please don’t fire me. Please.” She pleaded.

Her words were like bullets of fuel to my inner lust fire which was now totally alight and burning wildly.

“No Ava I am not going to fire you.” I said, “I’m sure Buffy was the one who put you up to this - didn’t you naughty little slut?”

“Well yes James she helps when others can’t. Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Stand up Ava its OK. James is fine.” She said reaching out and pulling her to her feet.

Both women stood there completely naked in front of me both very different but as beautiful as each other. 

“Do you like her James. Is she beautiful? Do you want to fuck her with that beautiful cock of yours?” She smiled as she played her cards.

I smiled back.

“She loves cock as well as pussy and James she is totally insatiable. And I mean totally.” She said with truth that only experience could tell. “Don’t you Ava.” she stated more then asked.

“Yes miss I like to make you happy. Maybe Mr Mason too.” She whispered in her Italian accent.

“Yes I think I will enjoy her but not now. Go back to what you were doing before I came in. But first come here both of you and undress me.”

The girls both walked to me - Ava following Buffy’s directions. Buffy undid my shirt button by button she opened it and pushed it off my chest and shoulders and it fell to the ground.

“Oh James it’s been to long since I kissed that toned body of yours and rubbed myself on it.” She purred. She kissed my chest and abs as Ava unbuckled my belt and button. Both girls grabbed my pants and them down - my boxers coming with them. My cock was not fully hard yet, but sprang out on the way.

“There he is.” said Buffy as she reached and pumped it a few times before putting it into her mouth and sucking long and hard. Ava continued to pull off my pants one leg at a time removing my shoes then pulling the pants right away.

My step Mom and our maid both knelt before me naked ready and willing to please me with whatever I wanted.

Buffy continued to suck and my dick had grown to its full thick 8 inches. I felt the familiar throbbing inside. I cupped Ava’s face with my hand and pulled Buffy off me with the other.

“Your turn Ava, make it good!” I said strong and full of authority.

Ava opened her mouth her eyes looking up at me from her kneeling position made me shake.

I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and she sucked lightly back and forth. Slowly she became more forceful as she sucked my cock all the way to the base, gagging a few times but continuing to suck until I was deep in her throat. Her face touching the base of my pelvis, her nose buried in my pubes with her eyes looking at me proud and wanting.

“Oh fuck that is good. Very, fucking good. I felt her tongue run the full length of my cock as she slid it out of her mouth and back in again.

“Now girls you need to share.” I said as I made my way to the chair that sits against the wall at the end of their bed.

Firstly Ava our Maid chased me her mouth open eager for more. Then Buffy followed her. She crawled much slower with a big smile on her face. I could tell she had more on her mind. 

“James” she said as Ava’s mouth found what it was after and she started to suck hard and fast in short bursts but with a hoover like grip. “I saw you James watching me, it made he so horny. I wanted to call you but well Ava was being a good little girl. But James it was the sight of you that made me cum.” She said.

“Really, well it was such a nice night and I thought I would enjoy the evening star show.” I replied.

Oh James why don’t we go outside and fuck in the open. Please James can we, please your step Mom and maid in the night air.” Buffy begged.

How could I refuse? A threesome with my stepmom and our maid, I would pinch myself if Ava’s mouth wasn’t already keeping me present.

“Ok let’s go then.” I said pulling Ava’s mouth of my cock.

Ava giggled as my cock made a pop as she sucked it to the tip. Coated in my maids mouth juice it shined in the light.

“Maaam. What is wrong, why I can’t please Mr James?” Ava asked as if she had done something wrong.

“Oh Ava you will please him, we are just going out on the deck. Mr James wants to fuck us both under the stars. You understand.” Buffy explained.

“Oh please yes, I like under the stars.” Ava quickly replied.

The girls stood up Ava running out of the room Buffy walked over to the bed.

“I think we should take these.” She said as she picked up a double ended dildo and a Lelo Gigi buzzer, a pair of duo balls and some silk ties and walking towards the door.  

“James.” She turned and looked at me. You know I will never be yours or you mine but I cannot get you out of my head. When I fuck your father it’s you I think about every time. It’s the thought of you shoving that big fat cock up my ass that makes me go wild and lose my mind. It’s you that makes me cum even when you’re not inside me.”

I stopped and smiled; I didn’t know what to say. This was never about forever for me and her. She was a fuck to me, an empty. I had never wanted her and I would never consider having her. She suits my purpose for now. Soon enough Dad would be finished with her, until then well her holes are a great way of passing the long lonely nights away. That’s what we both signed up for.

When I arrived back on the balcony Buffy had already laid down and Ava was going to work on her beautiful lady hole. They had pulled a chair over and put it next to the outside lounge that I was laying on earlier. Buffy’s firm white body sank into the soft mattress as Ava’s hands held her hips tight, as she feverishly sucked on Buffy’s eager lips.

“Watch us James.” Her words come out of her mouth mixed with sighs of pleasure.  

I sat back and took my man meat into my hand. There was a cool breeze blowing softly, just slightly moving the leaves on the trees that adorned the balcony. I sat there under the stars. The moon was shining its light just perfectly for us to see each other.

I watched as Buffy came again and again, her screams getting louder and louder as if the orgasm multiplied the pleasure she was receiving. Ava’s rounded peached shape butt sat in the air her pussy lips glistened in the light.

I couldn’t wait any longer I leant forward and stuck my face into this delightful exquisite beauty’s love hole. I licked her lips sucking away all her love juice that had seeped out of her mould and run over her thighs and outer lips. I continued to lick and Ava started to return my efforts with slight bucks back, not hard, just enough to part her lips further allowing my tongue to penetrate deeper in to her each time we met.

My cock throbbed, Buffy started to moan again.

“Yes Ava Baby that’s it that’s it that’s the oneeeeeeee ooooohhhhhh fuuuccckkkkkkk yeeeessss” Buffy’s  orgasm rolled on and on. She grabbed our maid our pleasure toy’s head hard and held it tight to her wet spot.

“Suck it now suck it aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggg AAAAAARRRRGGGGGG FFFFUUUUCCCKKKKKK FFFFUUUUCCCKKKKKK!” she squealed with delight.

Again my cock throbbed. I stood pushing the chair back as I did. I took hold of my man tool and went about quenching my need and want for Ava’s pleasure path. After a few pushes my cock slipped straight in. She was young, beautiful and still very tight.

Ava let out a cry of pleasure then went back to her Buffy pleasing.

“Oh Bella” she said her words all Italian and so dam sexy. I wanted to fucker her hard soo hard the second I entered but I resisted. I slowly rhythmically entered in and out in and out holding her rounded hips tight as I enjoyed this Mediterranean beauty. I moved up and down, she closed her legs with just a push and opening them again at my word. I can say that she was beautiful in all ways. And very compliant in all I wanted and needed of her.

“I told you she was a good girl James. You are such a good girl.” Buffy said holding up Ava’s face which was covered in Buffy’s pleasure Juice.  

“Yes Maam I am a good girl for you and Mr James, oh Yes Mr James. More please more”. She begged.

As if her words were my accelerator I quickened my pace and started to fuck this beauty harder, I slapped her ass cheek leaving a red hand print that disappeared as fast is it appeared. I continued with a few more slaps to each side. Each spank sent shocks through her system and into Buffy’s joy place sending her again into another intense orgasm. This time it set off a chain reaction, Ava’s pussy gripped me tight as her love muscles clenched for all they were worth holding on to the edge of her own pleasure nirvana.

Ava came loud. She sat up proud strong and screamed into the cool night air.

“Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me Mr jaaaaaaaammmmmmmmeeeeeeeessssssss aaaahhhhhhhhh fuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee. Her accent made it even better as her orgasm rolled on and on juice squirting out onto my pelvis as she lost all control.”

Buffy lay back her hand had found one end of the double ended dildo and she shoved it inside her self.  There was no slow going buffy fucked her love tunnel with all her might as I fucked my maid letting out all my animal instincts from deep inside . I grabbed and fucked harder and harder, my fingers grabbing Ava’s flesh as I pulled her back into me I thrust as hard as I could deep inside her. Sending her into another orgasm. Louder stronger and better then the first.

 I felt that feeling the one where there was no return but I didn’t want it to end yet. I pulled out, Ava kept bucking the air wanting and needing more as I grabbed hold of my meat stoping the impending march of my man juice. Holding tight freezing my whole self until the moment passed.

I turned refocusing into the world and Ava had found the other side of Buffy’s double ended dildo and they were fucking each other with it. One at either end bucking moving grinding as the long dildo grinded inside their love tunnels.   Bring each other to another lip biting inferno lust spilling out with every word and breath.

I watched as my maid and step Mom fucked each other with a double ended dildo. It could not get better than this.

“Buffy I need you.” Bring me my hole I demanded.

“Yes James” she said as she jumped to her feet leaving Ava with the dildo still inside her.

“Ava, grab the dildo fuck yourself I want to watch.” I commanded.

It seemed that my orders only heighted the situation. Buffy I knew loved to be controlled, used and played with. And it seemed Ava lived for it as well.

I held my cock still coated with Ava juice at the entrance of Buffy’s ass.

“Oh please fuck me James. I don’t even use my dildo on my ass anymore it’s your hole now, only yours.  I am ready do it do it fuck that Hole Pleaseeeee.”

Ava continued to slide the dildo into her cunt as she squeezed her nipples that stood strong in the night air.

“Ava stop, keep pace with me. Each time I fuck my hole that Buffy carries for me you fuck your pussy. But first I want you to stick the other end up that beautiful ass of yours.”

Ava looked at me not sure of her next more.

“Well lets go, help her Buffy.” I barked.

Buffy grabbed hold of Ava’s leg and pulled her round.

“Spread them Ava. Be a good girl.” said Buffy firmly.

Ava opened her legs wide and Buff sucked on the dildo giving it extra juice - not that the place needed any more it was covered in it. Then buffy grabbed the smaller side of the double ender and slid it into Ava’s ass which she was now holding open for Buffy’s onslaught. Slowly Buffy slid it in and then pulled it out and back in again.

“How’s that?” I asked Ava - she felt the concern in my voice.

‘It’s hard and big but I like.” she said

 “Give it to her Buffy and come back here. I want you.”

Buffy let go of the rubber instrument of pleasure, slid back and perched her ass directly in front of my throbbing cock.

“It’s your turn to be a good girl Buffy.” I panted

“Yes James, good girl I want to be your good girl. I do, do me, and fuck my ass pleassseeeee” She begged.

I slid my cock in, she was ready, it slid in without force. Buffy wiggled all the way until the full length was deep inside her.

“There James’s your home, use it enjoy it please.” she moaned.

Ava had now inserted the other end of the dildo into her pussy and was holding it where it bent fucking her ass then her pussy alternating the dildo so it rammed in and out at her will and pleasure. In and out she rotated until she couldn’t stand it anymore spraying out Ava Juice everywhere continuing to work her holes until the wave of pleasure reached their climax and pushed out the end in her pussy. Ava kept working the pleasure toy in and out of her ass until she felt the last waves of pleasure recede.

I continued to fuck Buffy’s well-worn ass now, sinking my cock all the way in and out. Buffy’s head was thrashing about - her hair slapping her face as she bucked back harder with each of my strokes. Buffy’s orgasm started to take over her body - it washed right through her at first stiffening her body tight and then making it shake under the relentless pleasure her ass was receiving. Ava had made her way under Buffy and with the dildo back inside her pussy she thrashed her hole as she sucked and licked at Buffy’s dripping snatch. 

This was all too much. I couldn’t hold back and I unleashed a pounding like I had never had in my life. Each and every part of me stiffened and the pleasure broke through what was now an uncontrolled lust fest taking me and on a flow of joy I had never experienced before. I had no control as It controlled me, I was lost in lust, animal, primal.

Buffy continued to scream “Fuckkk meeee jamessss yessss fuckkk meeeee iiiilllooooovvvveeeee itttttt fucckkkkkkkkkkkk aaghgggeeggggg!”

Ava’s muffled screams could be heard as her pumping brought her once again into our pleasure zone. This was it. We were all cumming together and there was no stopping it.

I exploded. Cum gushed out of me filling Buffy’s anal back passage like a fire hose trying to extinguish a raging inferno. I continued to fuck expending gallons of cum until my balls were empty and the contentment of collapsing dawned upon me.

I fell into the middle of the bed. Buffy on one side Ava on the other. A minute or so later the stars and the moon came back into view.  The girl’s lay still letting out little moan and pants cum and love juice covered us all.

All of a sudden we hear clapping, we all turn to see Rusty standing at the door.

“Wow now that was a show. So where’s mine?”

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