Naughty at Saba U. 7

Lpink   February 22, 2024   | 2218 Views
What I did want was my sister to be at the wedding on the beach, there she was with her creepy boyfriend. Luxury

What I did not want was my sister to be at the wedding on the beach, there she was with her creepy boyfriend.  it was after the ceremony that she decided to introduce her sick goth boyfriend to me.
"get away!" I said. Julie and Kyle went to the little rutt in the morgue and decided to forget she had a sister.   When it was time to for me and fox to day, he was whispering sweet nothings in me ear, but they were with something to me.   It was like a dream come true for me.
"make love to me right now my Hippocrate," I said.  He didn't think until.  He asked now.  I said yes let's do it on the dance floor.  
when he gently put me on the Brandon he started to thrust into me  gently and passionately.   

"do you like being examined in front of everyone."
some of the people that it was nice some thought it was too obscene to watch and left.    He was the only friend I had and we now married.
my sister had her psycho freak friends that I don't care too much for but I wanted to have some or at least one other friend.   But noting julie she'd scare them off.
why can she meddle in her own life.   I will never know.   But that is in her nature to be a busy body, and I had it.

the rest of the day was so happy and magical.   Especially when we into my dorm. Then he suggest about living in his apart ment.   That was when my jaw dropped, that I wasn't just married to fox was but going to live with him.   

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