Wendy K - The New Semester

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Wendy secretly developed a liking for young men. She initially expressed her desire with “innocent” flirting. Next, she intentionally began wearing low-cut blouses and short skirts during her counseling sessions banner2

The new semester was just underway and Wendy felt like being naughty.


Wendy K is an attractive, married white female in her Mid-50s. She’s 5’6”, 129 lbs., with brown eyes and short auburn hair. She’s a retired college guidance counselor. She and her husband live only blocks away from the main campus. Her husband is a projects engineer for a major corporation and has to go out of town for business quite a bit.


During her time at the college, Wendy secretly developed a liking for young men. She initially expressed her desire with “innocent” flirting. Next, she intentionally began wearing low-cut blouses and short skirts during her counseling sessions, and flashing her lacy undergarments. Then she decided it would be more fun if she wore NO undergarments. Eventually this included mild touching – a hug or a small kiss. This finally evolved into blowjobs, fondling and fingering during counseling sessions or after hours in a secluded parking lot.


Just prior to retiring, when her husband’s company projects took him away more often and for longer stretches, Wendy began arranging secret sex sessions with select male students. She was very particular – no loud-mouths, obnoxious frat-boys or disrespectful jerks. She only chose young men who were respectful, and above all, discrete.


Despite her retirement, Wendy still gave herself access by volunteering at the school. She would offer assistance to the counseling office when the demand was high, which was usually at the start of the new school year.


The coming weekend would prove especially advantageous for Wendy. Her husband was about to leave on another business trip and be away for at least 2 weeks. A few days prior Wendy had counseled five young men. Two of them fit her criteria – intelligent, attractive and discrete.


She’d arranged to meet with both young men at a single session earlier that morning. During the meeting she wore a pin-striped, short skirt with a slit that ended just above her thigh, along with a matching blazer, silk stockings with garters and 6” high heels. Prior to their arrival she removed her bra and panties, leaving the panties partially “hidden” on the corner of her desk.


Both young men arrive on time. Brandon is a sophomore engineering major from the Midwest, he is very tall and has curly red hair and freckles. Jamal is a junior transfer student from the West Coast, he’s black, has an athletic build, and is a finance major on a lacrosse scholarship.


About 5 minutes into the session, Brandon notices the panties on her desk and nudges Jamal. They look at each other in disbelief and smile. Wendy takes every opportunity to lean forward, cross and un-cross her shapely legs, and lightly and casually touch them as much as possible. Both young men are given generous looks at her erect nipples and smoothly shaved pussy lips.


Her intentions are quite obvious and Jamal and Brandon understand.


Wendy asks them to come to her home on Saturday afternoon to continue their session. They agree and both leave with hard-ons, looking forward to the weekend. Wendy then locks the office door, removes her skirt and masturbates imagining what could happen.


On Saturday morning she drives her husband to the airport. On the trip back home she stops at her favorite lingerie store and purchases a new red silk robe. She spends the next few hours preparing herself and her house to receive guests.


Brandon and Jamal arrive promptly at 2PM. They decided to come together in Jamal’s car. Wendy greets them wearing her new ankle-length robe, loosely secured at the waist. Beneath the robe she is only wearing a red-lace thong. She is also wearing her glasses and a string of pearls. Her feet are bare, and her nails and toes are perfectly done in matching red polish.


Brandon and Jamal are almost speechless as she hugs and kisses both and leads them into the living room. She offers and serves them drinks, and sits between them on the couch. Subtle small talk ensues for several minutes, as both young men ogle her sexy legs and feet.


Wendy then moves things to the next stage and gradually allows her robe to fall open, exposing her beautiful C-cup breasts. She loves the hungry looks in their eyes, and the growing bulges in the fronts of their pants.


“Why don’t you both get more comfortable,” Wendy encourages. “Let’s have some fun.”


It doesn’t take long before Brandon and Jamal are removing their clothes. Wendy gets a thrill watching them undress, and soon they are both naked and standing in front of her, with rigid hard cocks aimed at her face.


“It’s this much better?” she asks, smiling and taking a cock in each hand and stroking, which elicits moans from both young men. Starting with Jamal, she takes his cock into her mouth, giving him an amazing blowjob while still stroking Brandon. She switches after a few minutes.


“We can’t just let you have all the fun…” Jamal says as he pulls the robe from her shoulders.


Brandon sits, and Wendy changes her position to continue sucking him, while allowing Jamal to kneel between her thighs. He removes her thong and applies his tongue to her stiff clit and wet snatch.


“Oh wow…” Wendy thinks, impressed with Jamal’s pussy-eating skills. She’s surprised that a 20-year-old would actually know this much about cunnilingus. The sounds and smells of sucking cock and pussy soon fills the room.


“Oh fuck..!” Brandon cries out after several long minutes.


Wendy knows he’s about to cum and doubles her efforts by taking his cock to the back of her throat. Brandon’s thighs tense and he firmly grasps her head and begins fucking her mouth. After several hard thrusts he shoots steady streams of hot semen into her throat.


Wendy swallows every drop and continues to hold him in her mouth and suck until she feels Brandon’s cock begin to go soft.


The lower half of Jamal’s face is covered in her juices as he continues to masterfully eat her out. Wendy is getting really close to (her first) climax.


“Oh, baby – I need that beautiful dick…” Wendy tells him.


She loves to cum with a hard cock inside her, so she has Jamal lay on the plush carpet and then mounts him. Wendy takes the young black man deep inside her and vigorously rides him, with her ass slapping rhythmically against his thighs, as he thrusts up into her.


“Oh fuck yes…!” Wendy squeals minutes later at the top of her lunges. A delicious orgasm overtakes her and she creams all over Jamal’s still throbbing dick. They are both soaked in sweat.


“Let’s get you settled…” she pants after a brief rest, slowly removing herself. Her thighs still tremble slightly as she lays between his legs and takes his hard, sticky member into her hands. Wendy resumes her enthusiastic blowjob. Jamal is delighted raising up on his elbows and watching her head bob up and down.


“Mind if I join in?” a renewed Brandon asks a few minutes later, rubbing a finger along her sensitive slit. Without breaking her attention to Jamal, Wendy raises and angles her hips and spreads her thighs, so he can enter her from behind.


“Omigod…he’s so thick…” Wendy moans softly as he slowly inserts himself. Brandon takes a firm grip of her hips and applies steady thrusts. After only a few minutes of pounding she can already feel the faint itch of another orgasm starting to build.


Jamal is ready to cum, and begins thrusting into Wendy’s mouth, while holding her head in place.


“Aw shit, yeah…I’m cummin’…” he announces. Seconds later several streams of cum fill her mouth. This is a lot more than she was expecting and most of it spills and dribbles down her chin.


They all pause for a moment to clean up.


When they return Wendy lays on the couch with her legs spread.


“We have some unfinished business, young man…” she says, smiling at Brandon who is still fully erect. He returns the smile as he gladly lays on top of her, entering her again.


They vigorously fuck for a while as Jamal watches them while resting in a chair just a few feet away. He feels himself getting aroused again as he finishes the last of his beer.


“Gonna cum!” Brandon grunts, with his face buried into her neck and shoulder.


“Yes…give it to me…” Wendy moans, “Cum inside me…”


“Of fuck…” he groans as he strains and shakes while he unloads into her. They both clean up and refill their drinks a few minutes later.


“Are you ready for more…?” Wendy says to Jamal as she returns sipping her 2nd glass of wine.


“Ready when you are.” He replies smiling.


Wendy finishes her wine and leans in and kisses him. Her hand finds his cock and firmly strokes his renewed hard-on.


“I love this good, black cock…” she whispers in his ear, as she straddles him. He guides himself inside her again and she begins grinding and humping. Jamal places his hands beneath her ass and thighs and leans forward. Wendy wraps her arms around his neck and shoulders as he suddenly stands while she is still bouncing on his cock.


“Alright, bro!” Brandon cheers returning to the room with his beer. “Fuck that slut silly…!”


Jamal begins ferociously pounding Wendy. Her legs and feet flop around as if she was a ragdoll, and her glasses go askew before falling from her face. She has never been fucked like this before – Wendy is surprised, delighted and overwhelmed.


“You like this black dick bangin’ you like this…?” Jamal hisses, as sweat pours down his face. “Is this what your white pussy needs…?”


Wendy can only moan in reply. When she eventually cums, she cums really hard.


“Fuck me…!” she screams as she creams on his cock for the second time. She tightly wraps her arms and legs around him as spasms and convulsions overtake her.


“You good now…?” Jamal pants slowing his pace. She moans and nods still unable to speak.


He lowers Wendy onto the couch, firmly grasps the back of her head and aims his cock at her mouth. She takes him in and does her best to finish him off.


“Aw shit…!” Jamal gasps as he begins to blast a second load of cum. This time Wendy allows most of it to spray across her neck and breasts. Her pearls are coated and sticky.


“You’re the fuckin’ man!” Brandon says fist-bumping Jamal.


They all laugh and clean up.


“Well, gentlemen,” Wendy addresses them a while later. “We must definitely get together and do this again.”


Brandon and Jamal agree. After they have left Wendy begins making plans for their next encounter.


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