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Hi friends, This is the real story and added some fantasy to make it more spicy to had enough for both men and women to get pleasure while reading, Readers this is just for pleasure just read and enjoy and leave it. And this an adult story is about sexual life if anybody doesn’t like please ignore the story.


Let’s begin here story here hope everybody likes here I’m living in east coast of USA  if anybody looking for safe and secure adult fun please email me or ping me in google chat we can meet in public places and we start from there to make you girls cum multiple times

Here is the email:[email protected]


My name is Raja Age 27 height 6 feet and 75kgs slim and average looking . Heroine name honey (i changed her name due to safety ). Age 26, 5.5 height, average colour, fit, sizes 34-30-34 nice stiff boobs and round ass she used to where jeans and t-shirt every time looks like sexy angel.


I came to USA in 2022 as a student and I joined with few Indian guys to share the apartment and  we all 4 guys from the same university but not same course on early days in USA we had a new feeling and new area we used to roam all places in city center and university to get to know all information and for time pass also some times, Simultaneously classes are going good and I am able to understand very well and so I have enough time to enjoy my personal life too now I met her in library 


Honey she came USA ahead of me 6 months earlier than me so she is senior to me in university but in the current semester we both had one subject in common, we never talked each other but we used to attend the same professor class so I remember her face so one day I was doing assignment in library I can she is walking into the library and we both smiled each other as we are from same course it happened many times in library finally we used to sit together and complete our own works.  


As we both will speak same mother language so we become close friends we do talk personal details also and some we used to crack adult jokes, for some reason every time when she is in university she always with me only she will maximum time with me in the university and I can give that importance to her as well. 


After few months the friendship is going like a train journey no ups and downs we are in summer now and I took driving license and car when ever we have a free time our room mates some time honey also joins with us will go to parks and near by places some times me and honey will go together


Now the lust story begins. 


She started doing part time job in college library for 3 hours a day I used to drop her back to home from university we will spend 20 mins time in car everyday we used to talk more and she took my hands and kept it on her neck and shoulders to she will ask for massage for relief while massaging her body I started feelings on her increased day by day when I’m massaging her my dicks hard she become very close to me she used to hit my stomach and thighs sometimes that she accidentally touch’s the erected dick and she remains calm it was going everyday for a week  when I went home after I drop her I will do masterbate with her imagination.


I want to take it to the next level one day I didn’t ware inners and wore just short she can see the dick structure normally before erection also it’s thin short like under armour when I went pick her up in university and we are talking in car and she is touching my stomach and thighs for joking she can able to see my dick is getting hard  and I adjusted my dick towards the right thigh so when she hits my thigh it actually hits dick and she feels the dick and she laughed and she is extrovert girl and now she is talking more about my girl friends and sexual life all the time in car, I got to know she is interested I have to plan some thing to stay some private life out of the university area to take it to next level for fucking. 


We planned to go to beach one Friday evening we went to one of the Virgina beach and it was so nice it’s her first time to visiting the USA beach’s and we took a hotel room for the night and left the baggage and started walking to the actual beach we holdded our hands and walking  on the beach water was touching our feet’s and discussing about my earlier sex life so my dick is started erecting and while walking some times my upper arm is touching her left boob she is not resisting looks like she wants more but I don’t have courage to ask about sex if she rejects I will get complete lost of everything what I planned till now. 


We went into water and she is enjoying the water and I just holding her not go inside of ocean and I holded her waist very hardly some time when I drag her back she feels my dick on her ass but she remains calm and didn’t resist and she asked me to teach her swimming I said I will teach her in hotel swimming pool today and while we are in water I touched her boobs also I didn’t squeeze but I touched it and almost more than 10 times I pushed her ass with my dick she knows all but remains silent when we came out of water I can see she is laughing while watching my dick as tent in my trouser and I ignored and we went to hotel 


Once I went to hotel room I removed shirt and trouser and I was on just inners she came to me and she is like raja what’s you are doing common I’m here then I took towel and went to bathroom and changed clothes and came out of wearing short no inners and she ware night dress and she didn’t ware her inners also we went to hotel 24 hours swimming pool and no body is there and I can see her boobs and ass was shaking and jiggling I was already hard and we went to water I touched each and every part of her body while I’m teaching swimming and she touched me also finally when I holded her waist not to sink I felt personally I wanna fuck her at any way today and dared to told her you are so sexy today and I am already out of control can I get a kiss from you and if more you are interested.


She didn’t talk anything for 30 secs and laughing only and she direct kept her hand in my short and giving handjob to my 6 inch hard dick and said I know because of this dick right let me treat you first i stopper her and took her to the room once i entered to the room i became nude in front of her she is watching me and saying that’s Huge one and she took my dick in her hands and I started kissing her squeezing her boobs smoothly and after 5 mins I took her to wash room  and removed her clothes and made her also nude 


The first time I saw her nude she was more sexy than clothes and what I imagined and she I was felt shy but I make her more comfortable


This is how she looks for me  pretty cute face average colour nice ear rings and perfect expressions fit and stiff boobs are so nice nipples are already hard waist is superb navel also nice and very thick thighs and mainly pussy and ass pussy is like milk kova I want to eat and ass is round shape which perfect structure and when I am feeling her with complete touching me of her body she gave me handjob and I was exploded my cum on her she is teasing me with laugh common raja you got it hahaha 


I lifted her and kissing her nipples and praising her body and took her to the bed and just thrown her to the bed from little height like I will give you a rough fuck tonight I was also landed her top and holding her face and giving kisses all over the face and praising her body parts and face I asked her if she is okay with bad words she said she likes bad words on fucking time I said cute bitch you are awesome and deserve multiple orgasms  I came to neck and bitting neck and kissing ears and telling in her ears about her body parts how I like it she almost came to climax with my talk and I squeezing boobs very had now kippers are like hard and erected and I came to navel and waist give kiss every inch of body around and came to legs and started kissing from legs and came all the way top to thighs and there was a beautiful place pussy which is awesome with zell around it and makes my happiest place in world. I stared massaging her pussy and started fingering she came to climax and she got orgasm and I didn’t stopped her I just started again and I took her to standing position I sit on bed and kept my hands on thighs and kissing thighs and hitting hard on ass and butt was bouncing like spring and asked her to lay down on bed 


I started kissing pussy and it was so wet and started fingering and eating pussy and I did it for more than 15 mins she got liquid one more time and once she completed her 2 rounds and I gave her a break and next we started 69 and in 5 mins we both are turned on I started inserting my dick into her pussy it was not easy inserting first it went 3 inch pushed hard and take it out for a min and again started like that I did 5 times and I was giving rough shots and she is moaning like never before my 5 months friend I saw her nude today and moans are very high for next 10 mins each min I am giving 30 hard shots after around 300 shots I got cum and she is completed her orgasm and she is out of control 


Her ass structure is awesome we can live watching her ass while walking that’s so much fucking hot I fucked get from back many times just because of her ass structure it gave fucking mood for me if I saw her ass 


I gave 4 shots that night she got 7 orgasms and she is very happy that I started fucking her ass many times after her long relationship gap and we did this fuck almost 1 year and now she is married and living in India I deleted her number and looks like we never met again 


My fantasy is I met her 6 months back and while watching her nude and expressions and jokes we do at the time is awesome it’s un imaginable seeing a beautiful friend in nude and desires that’s turn me on very hard 


Hope you all enjoyed my story and Please give me the feed back about my story and if anybody interested in USA east coast Virgina, NC, Washington, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York , New Jersey we can meet and enjoy the life with safety and discreet 

Email:- [email protected]


Please email me or send me messages in google chat, please don’t ask for the girls details it will be a big no. 



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