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Lisa Cannon's husband,Richard just lost his job and Lisa was determined to find him work,when nothing turned up,Lisa decided to give her auntie a call. Lesbian Lisa Cannon's husband,Richard just lost his job and Lisa was determined to find him work,when nothing turned up,Lisa decided to give her auntie  a call...
"Hello auntie Mary, this is Lisa, your niece, how are you?
'Good Lisa, and yourself," "yes, great thanks you"
" Auntie,I was wondering if you had jobs going at the company," 
" I thought you were running the pr company, Lisa "
Lisa swallowed her throat" um it not for me,,,, for Richard, he just lost his job" .
"Oh " Mary replied"I'm sorry to hear that,, you were wondering if I had work going? Ain't you ".
" Yes Auntie " Lisa bit her lip.
" You know that we only employ women, I'm not sure if he can work for us"  
"Oh please auntie, he tried everywhere,and no luck ".
  Lisa begged.
Mary took a breath" Lisa , you know that the company only employs female staff , and we have a strict dress code, skirt , blouse, stockings, highheels ect," would Richard be happy to agree to that, Lisa".
Lisa giggled at the thought of her husband crossdressing" auntie thanks, he be fine with it I talk to him, I call you again, bye auntie Mary."
Richard arrived home after trying a few businesses for the possibility of work,but no luck"." Lisa, I've tried a lot of places and nothing" Richard sat down and Lisa approached him and sat on his lap,and kissed him  he ran his cold hand up Lisa's thigh sending a shiver through her.
"Richard darling,I was talking to my aunt and she said she had a position going at hrt insurance firm, what do you think of thiat"."I thought she only employs women, why would she take me on" Richard looked at her puzzled "
"Well she said she would give you an interview, tomorrow " .
"Wow did she" 
"Richard she ll probably give you the job , but there's a catch ".
" What " Richard looked at her 
" Um the dress code doesn't allow trousers " you have to wear a skirt" 
Richard started laughing " very funny, Lisa" 
But Lisa looked serious at him.
"WHAT he cried.
"Yes darling, you have to dress a little um feminine, that's the company policy".
" But I" ll be a laughing stock," he said ."Darling,it will be fine, Auntie Mary is a nice lady".
"You go and do the interview tomorrow ' Lisa smiled. " Now, come to bed and have sex".
They wnt upstairs and fucked for a while 
"Yes yes,YESSS " Lisa screamed as she organised.Soon the door bell rang and Lisa threw on her gown and answered to find a young man with a parcel for Richard, she sighed and the lad grinned at the sight of Lisa, .
Lisa took the parcel inside and called her husband into the kitchen.
She opened the box and inside was a skirt and blouse and blazer.
"Oh Richard it's your uniform" Lisa said jokingly.
Lisa nbsp; bent over the bed and told Richard to fuck her and he plowed into her pussy driving her wild and came inside her.
  Richard agreed to try on his uniform for Lisa and she said he looked sexy and handsome, to which he begged her not to make fun of his situation.
he took off the outfit and he and Lisa resumed lovemaking again.
In the morning Lisa dragged Richard to the bathroom and had a sexy shower with him and began to lay out his lingerie and work suit for him , Richard came out all clean-shaven everywhere Lisa still wearing her nightie, proceeded to help her husband get ready, first the bra and panties  then the suspender belt and finally rolling his black stockings up his legs. Then the blouse and skirt and black blazer, and finally the heels.
She stepped back and burst laughing.
" Darling,I'm sorry, you look lovely" she tried to stifle her laughter
They had breakfast and he left quickly in the car in case the neighbours saw him.
He arrived at the firm and found himself walking into the floor to the giggling of the female staff.
Mary welcomed him and led him to his desk, he sat down to the eyes of all the ladies were on him.
Lisa spoke to him and then whispered " you better fucking behave yourself or else" now enjoy you time here ok Richard" as she squeezed his thigh.
The day passed and Richard was summoned into Mary's office and he took a seat .
She looked at him and smiled " how did you find today" "Fine, Mary, it was enjoyable to work here, he said. " Good" I'm glad you're happy here ' 
She rose up and looked sat him and noticed a bulge under his skirt.
Richard sat and shuffled in his seat and Mary noticed his nervousness.
She nbsp; locked the door and walked back behind her desk.
"Your output was good today,I think you're going to be àn asset to the company ".
"Thank you " he said 
" Oh you'll thank me soon enough " she winked at him.
Mary looked the door and  returned to sit on the desk and placed her leg on the chair.
"You continue to work hard tomorrow and we see how it goes " she smiled at him.
"Richard " she said 
"Yes he replied.
" You have a little dent in your skirt"....Richard's face went red.
"Stand up dickie " she asked.
Richard was taken aback at the tone directed at him.
He stood up and she graciously cupped his crotch through the skirt.
She smiled at him and went down to investigate.
" Very nice DICKIE"" she smiled at him. " Now let the fox see the hare" she said as she pulled down his knickers and his cock sprung out.She sucked him greedily and soon he was spurting his love juice into her warm mouth.
Richard grabbed her head as he deepthoathed her..
She pulled out and pulled him over to the couch and laid with her legs spread wide and went down lapping up her juices as he pulled her knickers off.
"Richard please don't stop" "Richardddd" she moaned,and soon he plowed his cock inside her.
"AHH Dickie fuck me ahhhhh" "
Soon he came and filled her up as her orgasms hit through her hard. They both fixed up their stockings and skirts " now Go and print out next month's account estimates and " trying to get breath back " and have them in my desk tomorrow"
Trying hard to balance on his heels, Richard turned and left the office and returned to his desk as the ladies giggled.
Niamh kinsella  left her desk and went to Richard and handed him a file, with a post note saying " meet me around the back at lunch time,xxx",Lunchtime came around and Richard noticed that Niamh was gone,he turned to his computer and work away,and suddenly remembered the post-it note, he excused himself and got up and walked confidently as best he could in his highheels despite having his rear pinched by Siobhan Ryan as he passed her. Niamh was wanting for him against the wall with her leg bent and her heels pressed against the wall, he approached her and she pulled his in for a kiss while at the same time groping his ass.
Then she lept and wrapped her legs around his waist pulling his skirt up and exposing his panty covered ass to the cold air..
They fucked and he came in her .
"Ohh your cock is so good for a sissy". 
Richard took offence to this but carried on regardless.They went back to work and Richard was called into the office again .
"Richard    Mary looked at him
"Yes Mrs Smith"
"I thought I told you to behave with the ladies here"." I did,I am" he found himself getting sweaty.
"So tell me " as she sat against the desk," what were you doing with Niamh, earlier hmm" 
"I don't know what you mean " miss"
"Richard don't lie to me ,I heard you two at it".
Mary opened a drawer and took out a small plastic device.
" Dickie,do you know what this is "
Unable to answer, Richard shook his head.
"It s called a chastity device,  it helps to keep a man's snake under control, well his sexual urges actually".
"You see dickie,you are the only man here and I as a director have to protect our female staff and therefore men like you need to know your place, understand".
"I do mam" Richard was sweating now."Now with that in mind ,you can go back to your work " .Later ,at the end of the day, Mary summoned Richard to her office and  asked him " kneel on the sofa I want to reward you for your hard work "
Richard fearfully did what she asked and Mary ran her cold hand over the rump of his arse, and then tied a strap on around her waist and positioned herself behind him and teased his opening.
" Now just relax,I don't want to hear one word from you ".
Richard nodded " good man ".
Mary pushed the big phallus into his ass hole and began to fuck him forcefully.
Mary pounded vigorously into his virgin ass.
"Come on take my cock bitch".
Richard was groaning and crying as Mary fucked his tight hole.
Richard came and ejaculated on the office floor as Mary finally eased off pegging him and he left, fixed his stockings and skirt,  and returned to his desk ,. 
Later he left work and went home and told his wife Lisa, what a great day he had at work, leaving out some details obviously as they sat down to dinner. The end
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