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A Russian, mature aunt just loves to play pranks with an experienced, hormonally excited, strong male - this is exactly the name you can give to this story, which tells how my neighbor… cheating

A Russian, mature aunt just loves to play pranks with an experienced, hormonally excited, strong male - this is exactly the name you can give to this story, which tells how my neighbor friend loves to masturbate experienced guys. She loves to give a blowjob, and we are happy to show everyone who wants to fuck her how strong she is in sucking sperm from different caliber members. She can turn the head of anyone, even a 60-year-old neighbor. And he loves to go left, despite the fact that his wife often likes to beat him for it. This is probably his fetish, sex before beating the ass with a belt for a walking penis. Her name is Nadezhda, she is almost forty. She does not have a beautiful figure, often goes to cross-stitch classes, and looking at other people's men, she bets with those who do not believe in her professionalism. Short hair, white dyed hair, and permanently bright make-up. She dresses like she's going to a disco, even taking out the trash.Striped, or hole-in stockings, fit half of her plump legs. She is often proud of them, as she believes that her legs are her sexiest asset. But enough about that. The most important thing about her is that in the mornings on the Internet, she submits ads that she is waiting for new adventures in bed. And by lunchtime, she has a lot of requests for invitations to visit in the mail, after which she determines the time for them, and waits for the doors to be opened before new with a stranger.
One of those men was once me. I was already 21 for a while, but I could not boast of a good experience in sex. I only had one girlfriend. And it was five minutes of sex, after which she ran away without letting it finish. Because I broke it. Having gone into her apartment, and then into the room, I saw a video camera, a monitor, as well as many different kinds of vibrators that hung on the wall like trophies. Pushing me onto the bed, she immediately undressed, putting her legs dressed in black stockings forward, and began to squirm, seducing me with a plump, hairy pussy, which she loved to stroke, pull, and open in front of me, as if playing and teasing.
I guess at that moment, I was more scared than aroused. I most of all wanted to touch her, but not to have sex with her. And when I decided that it was worth reaching out to her holes in order to somehow establish contact, she hit me and sat on top with a wild squeak, starting to pull my cock, slap her head on the clitoris, and sit on him, as if he was already ready . True, he suddenly got stronger, and the woman jumped at me, with a satisfied face, having achieved a result. But I couldn't concentrate. I had "disabled" written all over my face, and I only came because I introduced a porn actress with my eyes closed. In general, I left this aunt in deep thought, and even now I am studying her life and behavior.
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