The bet I didn't bet on...

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I’m going to tell you guys a very well kept secret which I’ve been keeping since last year. banner2

I’m going to tell you guys a very well kept secret which I’ve been keeping since last year.

One Sunday my sister in-law and her girlfriend came for dinner at mine, we all usually get along really well and this was not something uncommon for us. My kids love their Aunties who love being creative with the little folks, and are always doing some sort of crafts together and playing games.

After dinner this evening the football was on, the team I support versus the team my sister in-law Arlene supports, so as you can imagine there was a competitive spirit in the air.

Arlene is always competitive and has a very confrontational nature, she is quite a tomboy and despite her soft facial features, she does everything to appear more masculine. The clothes she wears are loose and baggy, she rocks her shoulders when she walks, she gets her hair cut to a skin fade at the barbershop and always has to have the last say.

During the game we were talking a lot of shit to each other, dissing each other’s teams drinking a lot of beer, it was all fun and games until she began demanding that I make a £50 bet with her. Now my team were looking good at this time but her team had just scored and was ahead, I’m not a betting man and I don’t like to take money from people so to save face I made a bet I knew she wouldn’t go through with, I suggested,

“If my team wins I don’t want your money but next time you come to dinner you’d have to wear a dress.” I said.

Her girlfriend Lulu and my wife Lizzy burst into laughter with that suggestion, they knew she wouldn’t be happy with that.

“If you want me to wear a dress, when you lose I’ll bring you my team’s shirt and you’ll have to wear it all day, AND give me £50 motherfucker, kiss my arse.” Replied Arlene.

All eyes were now on me, and I wasn’t going to back out of a suggestion I made, the beer wouldn’t let me!

“Deal!” I retorted.

“Deal!” She confirmed.

My wife and Lulu were laughing at us for being this petty, but we were now at war and something was at stake, pride!

The football match was spicy, my team equalised, her team went ahead again, my team equalised again, then they went ahead and managed to hold on to win the game 3-2.

Arlene was livid, swearing and stomping about so much so that Lulu just wanted to get her home asap, Lizzy was beginning to get annoyed by her attitude, sibling stuff I’d rather leave alone, eventually they did leave but it’s safe so say Arlene was not impressed.

Fast forward to a fortnight later, I was preparing a Lamb roast, the in-laws were coming and I had been warned to be on my best behaviour, with no betting or winding up Arlene. The doorbell went and Liz went to answer it,

“OH MY...” I heard Lizzy screech.

“...Don’t say anything about this dress or I’ll fuck off home right now!” Arlene abruptly interrupted.

My ears pricked up immediately, I heard footsteps thudding towards the kitchen where I was stood, and I turned as she entered the room. I took one look at her, she looked me dead in the eyes and frowned at me while making a beeline towards the dining table and taking a seat.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, not only was Arlene wearing a dress, she genuinely looked good in it. It was a pale blue dress which was close fitting and stopped half way down her thighs, her mixed raced caramel complexion contrasted well with the shade, and it even plunged a bit at the front exposing her cleavage which shocked me further. The outline of the dress traced her figure impeccably, she looked much smaller than I’d imagine her to be, but having seen her in baggy track suits and boyfriend jeans for so long I had no clue what she looked like underneath. Her cleavage was impressive and looked firm, her waist and hips were subtle, her thighs looked toned, if not for the walk I’d have thought it was a different person altogether!

I could hear Lizzy and Lulu coming in behind her speaking quietly, I tried to keep a neutral facial expression,

“Hi Arlene” I said.

“Hi.” She responded bluntly.

I had to turn my back on her as I struggled to keep a straight face and made myself look busy with the food, I greeted Lulu and gave her a hug then went back to the food while they all caught up with small talk.

Arlene’s mood was foul, everything out of her mouth was either,

“Fuck this, fuck that” or “he or she can kiss my arse.” She repeated.

After about 15-20mins the kids came downstairs and greeted Arlene and Lulu, they innocently complimented Arlene on her dress which she disingenuously thanked them for, they then took their aunt’s to play with them upstairs leaving me and Lizzy alone in the kitchen.

Lizzy reached for the wine,

“I’m gonna need this today, I can tell she’s going to piss me off before the night is over.” Lizzy explained as she poured herself a glass and sat down.

It wasn’t long before I finished making the dinner and called everyone down to eat.

Over dinner Arlene asked me who I think would win out of the football teams who were playing that day, the moment I mentioned a team she thought could lose she wanted to bet me again, I didn’t bite. She began getting heated and snapping at Lulu repeatedly, and after dinner they both went to the shop. Only Arlene returned from the shops and she was carrying a bag of beers, she told us that Lulu had to go to her family’s place for some emergency but she’d stay with us and watch the football.

She was unbearable that evening with her mood and kept offering me beer, I wasn’t drinking that evening as there was a boxing event after the football which had my interest and I wanted to be sober during it. Arlene then invited herself to stay for the boxing too which made Lizzy roll her eyes and open a second bottle of red wine.

The night dragged, Arlene would not stop arguing over the sport, the ref, someone’s always cheating, my opinions are wrong, so are Lizzy’s etc... Lizzy couldn’t stay awake and fell asleep during the last fight and went to bed as I got ready to drive Arlene home. Arlene took some food home with her which Lizzy had put into Tupperware containers for her.

The roads were empty as it was after midnight so we were there in no time, I pulled up outside Arlene’s house and reverse parked in the last bay beside a van as no other spaces were available. For some reason Arlene had placed her food on the back seat and decided to turn and kneel on the seat and reach over to pick them up, I heard a container fall and turned my head to see Arlene’s bare arse eye level to me.

Obviously her skirt had rode up as she’d reached over and I wasn’t prepared to catch an eyeful but I will say I was momentarily mesmerised, I could see her smooth soft looking skin, and a thin slither of black material disappearing between her cheeks.

“ARE YOU FUCKING FOR REAL?” I heard Arlene growl at me.

“You bet me to wear this fucking dress, then I catch you fucking looking at my privates at the first opportunity!” She fumed.

“I heard something fall, and when I turned around it was right in front of me, I’m sorry.” I tried to reconcile.

“You really think I’m going to let this go after you humiliate me by making me wear this shit, refused to bet me all day to give me a chance to redeem myself, cause me to have an argument with Lulu, then I catch you looking up my dress. I should fucking tell Lizzy!” She raged, talking down at me as she knelt on the seat facing towards me.

“I didn’t bet you as I didn’t want to put you in this type of mood again, if it makes you feel any better I’d wear your team’s shirt next time.” I reasoned.

“That’s not humiliating enough, you looked at my arse! I should make you kiss my arse for real like a little bitch.” She said.

Now I have no idea what sisters talk about to each other in regards to sexual acts with their partners but I love getting naughty with women’s arses, and for some reason my mind went straight to this perversion.

“Is that all I have to do, then we’re even? “ I asked.

“I knew you was a pervert, kiss my arse, pay me £50, and wear the shirt I give you next time.” She said.

I turned off the headlamps, stopped the engine leaving only music playing quietly in the background. I slid my seat back and lowered the backrest to give myself more room, she did the same. I told her to bend over so I can do it and she did lifting her dress once again revealing her bare arse cheeks to me. With one swift movement I hooked my thumb around the string of her thong, pulling it to the side and kissed her anus with a slow open mouthed kiss.

I continued to kiss it a few more times before introducing my tongue to her arse hole when she grabbed the back of my head, squashing my face between her arse cheeks forcefully.

“You fucking arsehole, I told you to kiss my arse this isn’t my fucking cheeks, now you’ve got me started you fucking idiot, Ohhhh...” She groaned.

For some reason her abuse turned me on more and I embraced her by humming approvingly as I lapped up her arsehole and teased it with the tip of my tongue.

“Ummmm... Lick it, lick my arse you little bitch, Fuck...” She growled as she grinded her arse into my face while I licked it.

She removed her hand from the back of my head and used it to start rubbing her clit, I was being more turned on even more by the second. My lower lip was feeling the moisture created by her pussy and I pushed my lip against her juicy opening as I began to edge my tongue into her inviting arse hole.

“Don’t fucking stop, don’t you dare stop now, stick your tongue in my arse you bitch, and don’t fucking stop until I say so.” She demanded.

I had no intention of stopping, I was in my element. I was face deep in the arse of a woman who I’d never imagined in a million years I’d be tasting, she was moaning and grinding her arse into my face and I could feel her juicy pussy getting wetter and wetter. I edged my tongue deeper and was teasing her pussy with my lower lip while she continued to berate me, when all of a sudden she began to jerk, dropping her hand and losing control. I tried to keep going although she wouldn’t keep still, I pulled her hips back and licked her clit all the way back to her arsehole and pushed my tongue as far as I could into her anus, I slapped her pussy which made her jump, so I repeated it a number of times making her cum some more for me while I lapped up her juices and tongue fucked her arse.

“You’re a fucking dickhead for doing this to me!” Arlene started up again.

“Now I’ve got to go back to my girl with soaking wet knickers, a guilty conscience, horny as fuck and she isn’t even talking to me, and you get to go home and probably fuck my sister, nah I’m not letting you off so easy, pull down your trousers.” She ordered.

I didn’t hesitate, I lay back on my seat and pulled down my trousers and underwear exposing my rock hard cock, she took her knickers off completely and climbed over onto my lap shoving the soggy part of her thong into my mouth. It tasted of arse and pussy juice and sent my senses into overdrive,

“Lick it clean.” She said.

Then she reached back and positioned my cock so she could lower herself onto it,

“You’re going home with my pussy juice all over your cock and your face so you’re not getting away scot free either you wanker.” She said.

Without warning she impaled herself on my cock and moaned loudly, stuffing her whole thong into my mouth now and began to ride me like her personal sex slave. I held her hips and pushed myself upwards into her pussy looking her directly in her face and moaned deeply through her soiled fabric muffling the sound of my voice. She looked back at me angrily and then grabbed my throat squeezing firmly, her hands were too small to choke me so it just made me more excited. She rode me violently like she hated me but I loved every thrust of her hips, every grind of her arse and every squeeze of her vaginal walls. She slapped my face and clenched her jaw which made me squeeze her arse and thrust my cock deeper into her, she flung her head back and let out a big breath,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, what are you doing to me ohhhh...” She questioned herself aloud.

I continued thrusting myself into her relentlessly, while she sat up and squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples through her dress. The sound of our bodies clapping resonated through the car as well as our hurried breaths, grunts and moans.

“Aww, aww, ohhh...” She bellowed.

As her body stiffened, her pussy contracted, a rush of vaginal fluid enveloped my cock and she began to shake, cumming on my dick and then falling forward onto my chest. I squeezed her arse and pulled her against me as I grinded myself as deeply into her as I could, feeling my climax build with her spasms and contractions encouraging my dick to keep going.

“Awww...” I iterated, making her thong fall out of my mouth.

Her face was inches from mine with her eyes closed and mouth open, I instinctively pulled her head down and tongue kissed her nastily which she complied with momentarily before coming to her senses. She then pulled away and slapped me across my cheek again, making me cum instantly deep inside her pussy as she grinded her hips forcefully into mine. My head was tilted back and my mouth was wide open as I moaned while she snatched my soul, then I felt a load of warm spit enter my mouth just as I heard it, followed by another nasty tongue kiss this time initiated by her.

“Fuck, what the fuck did you do?” She asked.

Finally lifting her pussy off my cock and looking down at her swollen clit and freshly fucked pussy.

“You came inside me you cunt!” She snapped.

Hovering above me and pushing my cum out from her pussy, I watched her slap and squeeze her pussy making my cum drip out of her and onto my stomach and a bit of my shirt. She started to climb up above me dripping all over me until she was above my face, then she lowered her wet pussy over the bridge of my nose and slid her pussy all the way back to my mouth leaving a trail of gruel and cum down my face and said,

“Clean this shit up, all of it, every last fucking drop.” She ordered.

I willingly complied as she held onto the back seat and straddled my face, I knew I was pushing my luck but I reached up under her dress and bra squeezing her breasts firmly and she didn’t object to any of it. She then sat upright with one hand against the ceiling of the car and the other on her clit and rubbed herself while sliding back and forth on my tongue,

“Yeah, that’s it every last fucking drop.” She repeated.

She jolted a few more times and I tasted a few more spurts of her cum mixed with mine as it entered my mouth. She then pushed my head down into the headrest  with her cummy fingers and ran her arsehole up and down my tongue for a few long glorious seconds.

“All done.” She said finally.

Climbing back into the passenger seat and holding up her wet thong, inspecting it for any incriminating evidence.

“Good job, how does it feel being my little bitch? She asked.

“Amazing!” I replied.

Feeling pretty proud of myself and thoroughly satisfied having just fucked and licked the forbidden pussy and arse of my sister in law.

“Have you got my money?” She asked with a calm voice for the first time that evening.

I lifted the arm rest and gave her the cash from there which I keep for snacks when I’m on the road, luckily I had enough.

“Don’t you ever speak about this again, and don’t you ever let me catch you looking at me like a pervert again.” She said.

“Sure.” I answered.

Then she threw her wet thong into the bag with her food, got out of the car, and if I wasn’t mistaken she seductively adjusted her dress while stood between the door then walked towards her house.

The car windows were foggy, the seats needed adjusting and I had to use some wipes to clean up my t-shirt which was full of incriminating evidence, while I remained parked making sure everything was in order my phone pinged.

Arlene: I saw you looking at me while I was fixing myself up, I’m going to have to use you as my bitch a few more times, to teach you a lesson. It read.

Me: You got me, I guess I’ll take my punishment like a man. I replied.

Arlene: No, you’ll take it like a bitch. She answered.

Me: As you wish. I responded.

With that I started the engine and made my way home.

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